23 Aug 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Donate to the Cheshire Food Pantry

If you purchased more canned goods than you needed to get through the storm, why not donate it?

Letter to the Editor: Donate to the Cheshire Food Pantry

To All of our generous residents:

Did you buy too many Spaghettios?  How many PopTarts can you actually eat before they expire?

Well, we dodged a bigger bullet than what was expected from Hurricane Irene, but if you happened to see the shelves of our local grocery stores on Saturday afternoon, it pretty much looked like the stores experienced their own hurricane!  

I will confess that I probably over-bought on the canned soup too, but why keep this stuff in our pantries until the next winter storm is headed in our direction?  By then, these products may have even expired.

So, here's my challenge:

Please donate as many or your unused Hurricane Irene food items at Stop & Shop grocery and Everybody's market during the Labor Day weekend. 

Both of these stores have graciously agreed to have boxes at their entrances tocallow for us to donate these items to the Cheshire Food Pantry.  (Actually, Stop and Shop already has a box, but there will be a new poster).

This is a great opportunity to give back to our community and I would greatly appreciate your support.


Valerie Walsh 

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