Jul 29, 2014

Teacher Evaluation Framework Compromise

Advisory council agrees on impact of standardized test scores

Teacher Evaluation Framework Compromise

The state's Performance Evaluation Advisory Council came to an agreement on Thursday over how much (or little) standardized test scores would be considered in Connecticut's new teacher evaluation system, according to the Hartford Courant.

The system, which was , states that 45 percent of teachers' evaluations will be based on student advancement with half of that based on standardized tests results. Teacher unions, however, said that the half — or 22.5 percent — should be based on student behavior, attendance, projects and portfolios instead.

Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor proposed on Thursday that teachers and administrators factor in a maximum of one standardized test and a minimum of one non-test indicator as a part of the 22.5 percent. It would be up to the local districts to establish how each element is weighed. Pryor said that coming to a consensus over the 22.5 percent "cleared a major hurdle."

The state Department of Education is also expected to announce on Friday the 10 districts that will participate in the pilot program to test the new system. According to the Courant, the 16 semi-finalists are Bridgeport, Norwalk, CREC, Windsor, Windham, Colchester, Norwich, Bethany, Orange, Woodbridge, Watertown, Waterford, Litchfield and Region 6, Cromwell, Plainville and Westbrook.

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