Jul 29, 2014

A Message From the First Selectman For Monday Morning

An update of all things Hurricane Sandy-related for residents

A Message From the First Selectman For Monday Morning


A message from First Selectman Willie Fritz -

The latest forecast calls for a significant water rise along the shoreline, that coupled with an already abnormally high tide can lead to minor flooding in advance of the system. The major impacts will be felt during the day Monday into Monday night and early Tuesday when wind could be sustained at 50mph with gusts up to 80 a storm surge of up to 10 feet.

For this reason I ordered a mandatory evacuation of Cedar Island, Shore Road from number 64/65 east to Causeway, Causeway and Groveway east to number 29/22. Residents should make preparations and leave by 9:00pm Sunday. All other residents in low lying areas should consider evacuating. During the storm emergency personnel may not have access to many areas and your safety will be at risk.

Clinton Public Schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Planning is continuing and our shelter at Town Hall will be open beginning at 9:00AM on Monday. All Town of Clinton offices will be open on Monday. Please take this seriously another update will be coming this evening.


Thank You.

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