15 Sep 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by body_karma_studio
Patch Instagram photo by body_karma_studio

A Message From the First Selectman Regarding Hurricane Sandy

There are steps you can take now to prepare yourself and your family for the upcoming storm.

A Message From the First Selectman Regarding Hurricane Sandy


As Storm Sandy approaches with potential impacts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, it is never too early to prepare so here are some steps you as an individual can take to ready yourself:

  • Pay attention to your local news. Advisories, when issued, should be taken seriously.  A portable battery operated radio is a must in the event there is no power.
  • Make sure you have plenty of batteries. If services are interrupted, a radio and flashlights will be needed.
  • Keep your car fueled should evacuation be necessary. Fuel up in advance and remember stations may not be able to provide fuel if there is an interruption of utilities.
  • Store as much drinking water as possible. Fill bathtubs, jugs and whatever containers you have. Water may be contaminated after a storm.
  • Board up windows where possible and stay away from them during a storm, if not evacuated. Take shelter in an interior room such as a bathroom or a small hallway.
  • Secure outdoor objects that might become debris. Many harmless items can become deadly missiles. Secure boats with additional moorings or move them to a safe area.
  • If an evacuation is ordered, evacuate. Most lives and injuries occur because people don’t evacuate.

Additional information will be made available on our website www.clintonct.org if necessary, regarding evacuation routes and the process for notification. These recommendations, if followed, will make us better prepared in the event of a Hurricane. Please take this seriously, Irene should still be on our minds.

William Fritz Jr.

First Selectman

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