Jul 29, 2014

Do You Hold The Secret To Successful Black Friday Shopping?

Share your Black Friday shopping ideas, best bargains, best shops and everything about this number one shopping day for all of Patch to see. Ready, set, shop!

Do You Hold The Secret To Successful Black Friday Shopping?


Black Friday, the all-crazy shopping day that officially kicks off the holiday shopping frenzy, begins at 9pm Thanksgiving evening for select stores at the Clinton Crossing Premium Outlet in Clinton and other malls, as well. 

Patch wants to know your plan.

Will you head to the outlets, discount stores such as Wal*Mart or Target, or the fancier malls such as West Farms before or after the Thanksgiving dishes are done? Many stores open at 9pm and many more have continuous 24 hours of shopping.

How will you take advantage of the deals? What's your game-plan?

Will you navigate from one store to another to ensure you're not too far behind in line for the best bargains?

Does your plan include a partnership? Will you trade lists with a friend and then become a placeholder while someone shops for you? Will you have a thermos of coffee or hot chocolate?

Will you eat your Thanksgiving dessert while waiting in line to shop? Will you camp out the night before (people do)!

We'd love to hear about your experiences. Share your plan with your fellow readers in the comment section below.

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