Jul 28, 2014
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Kylie, Wishes Do Come True!

Kylie, a sixth-grader at Brown Middle School in Madison, CT, has been battling a life-threatening illness for three years. 

Those who know her will tell you she's done so with grace, fortitude, and without ever losing empathy for others. She's managed to impress her teachers at school with her conscientious attitude towards her schoolwork. She's often a leader among her peers, but in a way that does not call attention to herself, but rather puts the focus on others. 

And so those who knew her said they hoped she wouldn't mind Friday afternoon that a small school assembly was going to be all about her. Her family was there. Her friends from Team 6-2 were there. Her teachers and school principal were there. The school superintendent and members of the school board were there. All to see a wish come true. 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, working on a tip that Kylie's secret wish was that she could someday swim with the dolphins in Hawaii on her birthday, hustled to pull together a big surprise for her birthday next week. 

That's right, thanks to the generosity of donors to Make-A-Wish, she will be going to Hawaii and swimming with the dolphins. She leaves with her family on Sunday. 

Enjoy, Kylie! And Happy Birthday!

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