Jul 29, 2014

What's Next for this Entrepreneurial Clinton Teen?

Mitch Neddermann was 15 years old when he started his Boater's Bagels business that supplies hot coffee, donuts, bagels and more to local boaters. What's on his business plan for 2013?

What's Next for this Entrepreneurial Clinton Teen? What's Next for this Entrepreneurial Clinton Teen? What's Next for this Entrepreneurial Clinton Teen? What's Next for this Entrepreneurial Clinton Teen?


How many teens do you know would get up at 5am on a weekend, in the summer, to start work? And by work, we mean the business they founded on their own.

Mitch Neddermann, a sophomore at The Morgan School, is decidedly on his way to becoming a local entrepreneur on the Connecticut shoreline. He is the son of Todd and Gina Neddermann of Clinton.

Last year at age 15, Mitch started his own business venture called Boater’s Bagels LLC.  The business involved turning his 14-foot whaler style boat into a mobile concession stand which operated out of Pilot’s Point Marina in Westbrook. 

Every weekend morning from June until Labor Day, Mitch would start his coffee brewing at 5am with fresh ground beans, and then he would load his supplies into his parent's vehicle and begin the route of picking up fresh supplies from local shoreline merchants. 

Mitch would begin at Cohen’s Bagels in Madison where pre-ordered bagels and pastries just out of the oven awaited his pickup.  Next, Mitch would make his stop along Route 1 at Malone’s Coffee Shop for fresh warm muffins bursting with berries and Sue’s famous banana bread.  Finally, Mitch’s last stop would be at Beach Donut Shop for a dozen or two of the best donuts on the shoreline. 

Mitch would load his boat with these delectable supplies once he arrived at his slip at the marina. 

His sister Claudia, age 13, was right at his side. She turned out to be the best bagel girl on the shoreline.  She would help sell the goods while Mitch maneuvered his boat carefully between the other boats in the marina.

Each week there were his regular customers who waited to hear Mitch bellow “Coffee, Bagels!” each weekend morning. Mitch would then pull up to the customer’s boat, tie up and make his sale.  

Mitch never missed a weekend and his business clientele grew.  When the summer ended, Mitch decided that he may grow his business venture for the summer of 2013.  He purchased another boat and is considering running it up and down the Connecticut River this year as well. 

In addition to his own business venture, Mitch currently works as a busboy at Café Allegre in Madison and part of a snow removal and grounds crew at Grove Gardens.

Mitch has been nominated and accepted into a 10 day Business and Entrepreneurship Conference at Babson College for the summer of 2013. 

--information in this article supplied by the Neddermann family of Clinton.

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