Jul 29, 2014

Town's Snow Plowing Budget Blown Away After Blizzard

The normal winter season budget allocated to the town's Department of Public Works for materials and overtime isn't going to fly after this weekend's blizzard.

Town's Snow Plowing Budget Blown Away After Blizzard


It's a budget difference of $65,000 (in the red) and that's just counting two full days of plowing.

Peter Neff, director of the town's Department of Public Works (DPW), the group responsible for plowing town roads, municipal buildings driveways and parking lots, and sidewalks, has a "normal" winter season plowing budget of $95,000.  That includes $50,000 for overtime costs for his crew and $45,000 in sand and salt.

His budget was looking good before the big storm hit.

As of yesterday morning, just a day and a half after the big blizzard, Neff estimates that he has expended $160,000 total this season. And that number will go up.

The costs includes overtime for the DPW crew, subcontractor costs, repairs to damaged equipment, sand, salt and fuel.

"We have responded to calls from the elderly and from those on private roads that cannot get plowed," said Neff.

His crew and the subcontractors have plowed areas of the manufactured home developments that are normally serviced by their own management companies.

"This storm is going to be expensive," he said.

Subcontractors in use during the storm cleanup include Schumack Engineered Construction, Finkeldey Services, Pinder Construction, Campanaro Construction, Old Colony Construction and D.D. Heser Construction.

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