Jul 28, 2014
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Danbury Houses Sold

The following property transfers were recorded by the Danbury Town Clerk. Any historic property transfers came from Vision Appraisals. Any Vision Appraisal information will appear in italics.

Danbury Houses Sold

The following information was provided by the . Any information in italic type comes from Vision Appraisals.

Lorraine Herger sold 9 Seeley St. to Erasmo Lopez on July 2 for $225,000. Herger acquired the property in April 2007 for $0.00 from Peter Herger.

Heidi Green sold unit 10, The Knoll, to Julie Stemper on July 2 for $250,00.

Radu Florian, Phyllis Florian and Phyllis Kurtenbach sold lot 1 Virginia Ave. to Lawrence Cote on July 2 for $327,500. 

Golda Siegle Doyle sold lot 81 Lake Waubeeka to Michael Trolle and Stephanie Trolle on July 2 $135,000.

Kristin Mailon sold unit 79 Barclay Commons to Anne Marie Weirether and Arthur Harrison on July 2 for $250,000.

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