Jul 28, 2014
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Fifth Congressional District: Esty or Roraback

Voters choose Elizabeth Esty (D) or Andrew Roraback (R), in today's election.

Both candidates seeking your vote in the Fifth Congressional District have government experience, and both are attorneys.

Andrew Roraback, a Republican who resides in Goshen, has served as an elected official for 17 years—first as a state representative and, since 2001, a state senator.

Elizabeth Esty, a Democrat from Cheshire, was elected to her town's town council and also to the state House of Representatives.

The two have maintained a relatively civil campaign in this closely-watched race that saw a primary for both parties. The fifth district seat is up for grabs as the current representative, Democrat Chris Murphy, is running against Linda McMahon for U.S. Senate.

Roraback and Esty did have a healthy exchange during a recent debate, in which differences emerged on each's fiscal philosphy.

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