Jul 28, 2014
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Health Inspector Rates Post Corner 'Poor' One Day, 'Good' the Next

Health Inspector Rates Post Corner 'Poor' One Day, 'Good' the Next
What a difference a day makes. Post Corner Pizza received a "Poor" rating and a state health inspection score of 77 on March 17, but 24 hours later, after making changes, it had improved enough for a "Good' rating and a 92.

Some of the problems found in the earlier inspection: A broken dishwasher, two hand sinks not working, a holding unit for hot food in need of repair, various food items not kept at high enough temperatures and an employee wearing a bandage on one hand rather than a glove.

Here are some of the inspection report remarks by a Darien Health Department inspector, who assesses restaurants with both the state scoring method and the town's own rating system (each comment is here separated from the others with a semicolon [";"]):

"Hand sinks -- one blocked on line [...], one not working (turned off), one hot-water handle missing -- plumer has been called, per owner -- traveled to three hand sinks before I could wash; large tray of spinach pies at room temperature, 72 degrees -- put tray downstairs under shelving; chicken at 117 degrees -- hot holding in unit -- owner says the unit needs repaired; several cracked/chipped food storage containers (cheese); interior of microwave unclean; food on floor in walk-in; uncovered food (ckn x2 ["two chickens"?]/meatballs on line; rinsing hands in dump sink -- no soap; unclean shelving in walk-in, cover light bulb in produce walk-in; documentation of training needed; no bleach in dishmachine [dishwasher] -- fix ASAP, two separate cycles, no sanitizer -- service person on-site; must sanitize towels, not just hang to dry downstairs; large block of moldy Swiss cheese in walk-in -- discarded; rusty can in walk-in (Bavarian cream); foil dissolving into large container of peppers -- disposed of -- downstairs walk-in; kitchen employee with band-aid -- cover with glove, [do] not just use a finger protector."

The next day, the same health inspector was back and noted "Improvement made." For one thing, the sinks were repaired; for another a dishwasher part had been ordered, although until it was used someone needed to flip a switch to add bleach; gloves were being worn by some employees; the food was kept hot enough to meet standards; and rrangements would be made for the head chef to attend a training session from the town health department.

Here are the inspector's remarks for that inspection:

"Chicken on grill at 173 degrees -- cooking; chicken hot holding at 161 degrees -- OK; meatballs at 188 degrees; glove changing by employees -- corrected during inspection -- no handwashing online; unclean shelving, walk-in; cracked lids on food storage containers, chipped knife; spinach pies at 45 degrees in walk in (large tray); washing hands in three-bay -- misuse of sink; sanitize meat slicer -- food debris; crate used as shelving, freezer walk-in; cardboard under mats in kitchen and warewash [area?] no bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods; wiping cloth hanging from aprons used on knife."

Three days later, on March 21, the health inspector came by for one more visit, although no rating or score was given. She noted that the chicken was at 145 degrees in a hot holding unit and the dishwasher part had been replaced, so that it was working correctly.

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