Jul 29, 2014
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Police: Hurled Hot Sauce Spices up Norwalk Restaurant

Police: Hurled Hot Sauce Spices up Norwalk Restaurant
On Jan. 16 at 6:49pm Norwalk Police responded to a call about a suspicious person at Los Gemelos Puerto Rican and American Food Restaurant at 2 Ft. Point St.

According to Norwalk Police, Gordon Wentz, 27, of 40 Eureka St in Stamford, caused a disturbance outside Los Gemelos and Fisherman's World at the intersection of Ft. Point St and Seaview Ave, taking a bottle of hot sauce from the restaurant and smashing it in the parking lot.

Police spoke to an employee of Los Gemelos who said he had woken up Wentz who had fallen asleep at a table in the restaurant. The employee told Wentz he had to order something to eat or leave. Wentz took a bottle of hot sauce and threatened to hit a customer with it before going to the parking lot and smashing the hot sauce outside Fisherman's World.

According to Norwalk Police, Wentz slurred his words when they spoke to him and had the odor of alcoholic beverage. He admitted to having had four drinks. Wentz had three Clonazepam pills in a container. Though the container was not a prescription container, Wentz said he did have a prescription for the pills, but not with him.

Wentz was charged with Breach of Peace and Possession of a Controlled Substance. His bond was $500 and his date in court is Jan. 27, 2014.

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