Jul 26, 2014

Property Sales, Sept. 5-9

Eight closings were recorded last week by the Town Clerk.

Property Sales, Sept. 5-9 Property Sales, Sept. 5-9 Property Sales, Sept. 5-9 Property Sales, Sept. 5-9

Topping last week's property transactions was a $2.3 million sale on Holly Lane.

  • 60 Holly Ln.: Gerard P. Smith and Elizabeth Smith sold to Charles T. Gruhler Jr. and Catherine W. Gruhler for $2,300,000.
  • 11 Homewood Ln.: Rene M. Mathis and Carol Pedersen Mathis sold to Todd B. Meck and Susanne R. Handler for $2,000,000.
  • 8 Pasture Ln.: Roger B. Brown and Cynthia A. Brown sold to Clute C. Ely and Daphne W. Ely for $1,390,000.
  • 11 Phillips Pl.: Colin A. Rankine and Dawn A. Rankine sold to Daniel N. Buch and Melissa Buch for $890,000.
  • 22 Brush Island Rd.: Margaret C. & Julie B. Hand et al. (care of Wofsey Rosen Kewskin & Kuriansky LLP) sold to James D. Bishop and Jodie Bishop for $785,000.
  • 53 Brookside Dr.: Patricia G. Sherwood-Alessi sold to Kathryn Ratcliffe Bruno for $525,000.
  • 90 Holmes Ave.: Stephanie Oda sold to David Flagg for $515,000.
  • 12 Fitch Ave.: Prudence K. Burkhart sold to Michael R. Burkhart and Nicole L. Burkhart for $470,000.

Things got a bit backed at Patch after Irene, so today we're also including Darien's property sales from two and three weeks ago:

AUG. 29-SEPT. 2

  • 12 Tokeneke Trl.: Thomas J. Keller, Jr. and Laura E. Keller sold to Tarun Michael Stewart and Melinda Barton Stewart for $2,900,000.
  • 25 Overbrook Ln.: Thomas L. Holliday and Julie H. Holliday sold to Andrew Heath McWilliams and Kelley Krant McWilliams for $1,355,000.
  • 27 Briar Brae Rd.: David E. Winebrenner and Elizabeth C. Winebrenner sold to Clarice Broderick and Scott C. Bryer et al. for $1,060,000.
  • 238 Old Kings Hwy. S: Leslie K. Mitchell sold to Jie Xing and Alice G. Zheng for $1,060,000.
  • 21 Pleasant St.: John Nee and Kathleen Nee sold sto Karen Reilly and James P. Reilly for $900,000.
  • 18 Overbrook Ln.: James Goulard Tr. and Marion Goulard Revocable Trust et al. sold to Number 18 Overbrook LLC for $850,000.
  • 27 Crimmins Rd.: Geoff Mark Wood and Vanessa Irene Wood sold to Lisa Millette and Brian Valentine for $514,000.

AUG. 22-26 

  • 5 Driftway Ln.: Edna M. Maclean sold to Peter P. Michalowski and Pamela J. Michalowski for $2,637,500.
  • 111 Brookside Rd.: James P. Smith, Jr. Tr. and Doris L. Smith Revocable Trust sold to John Dweck and Melissa Dweck for $2,150,000.
  • 19 Stephanie Ln.: Robert C. Michele and Katherine L. Michele sold to Jason Kennedy and Carol Kennedy for $1,575,000.
  • 18 MIles Road: John Dweck and Melissa Labov Dweck sold to John C. Bolger and Victoria C. Bolger for $1,295,000.
  • 15 Mystic Ln.: Gail H. Whiteside Est. sold to Brian G. Hynes and Yen Tran for $1,265,000.
  • 221 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd.: Andrew Black Tr. and Hollow Tree Realty Trust sold to Robert Morrison and Ashley Morrison for $1,235,000.
  • 1 Silver Lakes Dr.: Anthony Frate Est. sold to Michael D. London and Catherine D. London for $1,225,000.

Information obtained from the  and with the assistance of  Ken Allen of Coldwell Banker.

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