Jul 30, 2014

6 Recent Health Inspections of Darien Food-Serving Places

6 Recent Health Inspections of Darien Food-Serving Places
In the most recently released health code inspections by the Darien Health Department, all five food-serving establishments  in town were scored "Good."

(One -- Country Club of Darien -- received separate inspections of different parts of the operation.)

The following list shows what scores local food-serving establishments received under the state scoring system ("state rating," in which 1-4 points are deducted for each violation, with 100 being a perfect score) from Darien Health Department inspectors.

The Health Department also gives a rating under the Darien system ("Darien rating," in which a "Good," "Fair," or "Poor" is given to restaurants that pass inspections). Also shown below are the inspection date and comments by the inspectors as noted in inspection reports. The comments, which each refer to a numbered list of state inspection elements (here omitted), are separated by semicolons (";"). Occasionally an inspector will make additional comments having nothing to do with demerits (those are quoted here in the "additional comments" section).

Here are the most recent reports released by the Health Department:

State rating: No rating given.
Darien rating: No rating given.
Inspector's remarks: "Hand sink unclean (kitchen); no trash receptacle at hand sink (kitchen)"
Additional inspector comment: "Facility is clean."

State rating: 97
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks: "Foods left uncovered in reach-in cooler; in-use utensils not properly stored."
Additional inspector comment: "Soups -- 160 degrees, 178 degrees"

State rating: 97
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks: "Wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer between use (drive-thru); no visible thermometer in salad prep table."

State rating: 93
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks: "Water leak behind line -- water pooling; soap dispensers not working at all hand sinks -- soap is available; spatula on line (in use) in poor condition [illegible comment in parentheses]; unclean floors in walk-ins (two) and at line; numerous fruit flies near dishmachine [dishwasher?] back wall covered -- need recent invoice (12/16/13) from exterminator ASAP."
Additional inspector's comments: "Pork at 165 degrees; chicken at 194 degrees; veg. at 181 degrees -- hot holding; fish at 201 degrees -- cooking temp; soup at 140 degrees-plus -- hot holding; pasturized eggs (shelled) used; hand washing observed; waitress with cut wearing band aid and glove; wash at 162 degrees; in-use at 180 degrees; Quat at three bay 200 ppm [parts per million]; Quat in bucket at 200 ppm; Complete Alt QFO form for net inspection."

State rating: 96
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks: "Dish racks stored on floor (ware wash); food buildup on tracks on display case; handling of food not minimized with bare hands."

State rating: 98
Darien rating: Good
Inspector's remarks: "Replace old/worn wooden cutting boards."
Additional inspector comments: "Cooling pork loin in reach-in at 100 degrees -- euses food (like barbecued pork); no hot holding or prep occurring during inspection; lunch served at 12 [noon] to 12:15; QFO on site; bleach used for surface cleaning (test strips available); wash at 166 degrees; rinse at 191 degrees."

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