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10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011

Whether you're in search for a cozy comfort meal or a refreshing beverage, Patch offers a menu of our favorite places to eat, that will surely leave you hungry and thirsty

10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011 10 Great Places to Wine and Dine in 2011

The New Year is quickly approaching and for the everyday epicurean it means it's time to scope out some of the great local spots you'll be dining in 2011.  From old favorites, to that restaurant you always drive by, but never actually go inside, this list should put your curiosity to rest.

Perk On Main - 6 Main St., Durham

Think modern café and bistro melded into one perfect little eatery, serving up their famous crepes, wraps, burritos, salads and a full line of espresso, coffee drinks, teas and chais.  During the week you may not have time to stop and smell the coffee beans, but on the weekend you can cozy up on Perk's leather sofa and take it all in while enjoying live music. For website click  here.

Time Out Tavern - 100 New Haven Rd., Durham

Part sports bar, part family restaurant, Time Out Tavern has got it all.  Whether you are in the mood for a burger and a beer or a three course meal paired with carefully selected wines, you can find it here.  You can also find a well stocked bar with an intense Yankees mural, al fresco dining, and uber friendly staff.  For website click   here.                                                     

Lino's Market - 472 Main St., Durham

Unfortunately you won't be able to dine-in at Lino's, but your family is sure to be more than pleased with anything you bring home from this authentic Italian market.  Fill your basket with fresh meats, cheeses, desserts and breads or take a night off from the oven with a perfectly prepared Italian dish. And don't forget lunch time at Lino's, when they masterfully and rapidly produce dozens upon dozens of yummy grinders. For website click  here.                                                              

Cozy Corner Restaurant and Pizza - 5 New Haven Rd., Durham

The name says it all and the food says even more. This no frills pizza joint may surprise you with their extensive dinner menu consisting of fresh fish dishes, salads, classic Italian fare, Greek pizza, and my personal favorite - cheese ravioli.  Bring the whole family down or bring it home for the whole family!                       

New Great Wall Chinese Restaurant - 184 Route 81, Killingworth

Take-out or dine-in, this Chinese cuisine restaurant exemplifies speedy service and quality food with no MSG.  Their woks are cooking up authentic Chinese dishes from wonton soup to pork lo mein. And what Chinese menu would be complete without general Tzu's Chicken! For website click here.

Blackbird Tavern - 6 Way Rd., Middlefield

This not so typical tavern, tucked away in the woods of Middlefield, is an ideal spot to grab a burger and beer after a hard day's work.  The combination of classic pub fare and upscale ingredients makes this respite a delight.  Try their crispy calamari with saffron aioli, or the deep fried loco dog topped with spicy bacon sauce, wicked relish, cheddar cheese and lettuce, Yowza!  To wash it all down Blackbird has a bevy of specialty beers and full bar. For website click  here.

Rover's Lodge Café - 227 Baileyville Rd., Middlefield

This being the epitome of a small town bar, it's likely while enjoying the stunning view of Lake Beseck and sipping on a libation, you'll run into your neighbor.  Lunch is served Monday through Friday, offering traditional bar grub like pizza, burgers, and sandwiches.  If you're feeling lucky on a Wednesday night place your bets on Left Right Center (an exciting dice game involving $$$), all while enjoying a home cooked meal.

Lyman Orchards (Apple Barrel) - 32 Reeds Gap Rd., Middlefield

There is always something happening at Lyman's, a corn maze, medieval ice sculpture event, pony rides, or just classic apple picking. But, if we're talking food, which we are, Lyman's takes the cake with their pies. Apple, peach, berry, pumpkin - they are all to pie for.  In 2011 be sure to indulge your sweet tooth or any other tooth at Lyman's while enjoying the 1,100 scenic acres of farmland. For website click  here.

June's Outback Pub - 184 Route 81, Killingworth

If you're looking for great food, fun and a fully stocked bar, June's is where it's at. A small hometown bar and restaurant makes you feel like you are dining in your best friend's kitchen, (a really big kitchen with lots of friendly staff). And if you're there on the right night - like Friday or Saturday - you can dance the night away with live local entertainment.

The Cooking Company - 187 Route 81, Killingworth

For the sophisticated taste bud I suggest a gourmet prepared meal from the Cooking Company.  This quaint market and deli is located in the heart of Killingworth and offers prepared entrees, salads, soups, sandwiches, and confections all made with care and the finest combination of ingredients.  Dine-in or take-out, either way you'll finish with a smile.

Cheers to good eats in 2011! 

Editor's note: There are many great restaurants in Killingworth, Durham and Middlefield. Of course we couldn't list them all here, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try them or go back again! For a complete list of restaurants visit the Patch Directory by clicking  here.

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