Jul 26, 2014

Let's Meet Darlene Allen

Secretary at John Lyman School

Let's Meet Darlene Allen

Darlene Allen is the first person most visitors are greeted by when arriving at in Middlefield. As secretary, she is a smiling face that the students and parents have come to know and love.

As I prepare for my oldest daughter to graduate from District 13, I have been reflecting back on so many of the people that have meant so much to our family throughout the years. Darlene is definitely one of those people. Although she wasn't secretary while my oldest daughter was attending John Lyman, she was an important part of the staff and someone who I remember as very nurturing and supportive.

While my youngest daughter worked her way through the school, Darlene became secretary. I would pick up my daughter each day and visit with Darlene often. Whether it was just a quick hello, or a lengthier conversation about something going on at the school, Darlene always had a bright smile and a positive attitude.

For those of you who know Darlene, I am sure you will agree with me what a lovely person and asset she is to District 13. For those of you who don't know her, here is a little more about her...

Town where you live and for how long: I currently live in Durham, but have lived in both Middlefield and Durham for the past 36 years.

What do you like best about the town: The sense of community. I love that we still have working farms and local vegetable stands, Christmas tree farms and orchards to pick fruit. I enjoy living here very much!

What do you like least about the town: The traffic! Trying to make a left hand turn on Main Street is impossible some days!

Where do you work: I am the secretary at John Lyman School in Middlefield. I have worked for District 13 for the past 19 years.

What is your favorite:

Place to eat: My husband and I enjoy seafood at the shore and a great burger at the in Middlefield.

Place to go shopping: My favorite place to shop is in Durham. I never seem to walk out empty handed!

Place to visit: I think our favorite place to visit is in Maine. We are fortunate enough to own a cabin on a small lake in Maine. We have enjoyed seeing moose, loons, beaver, bear and porcupine. We spend hours canoeing and riding the ATV trail system.

Fondest memory of town: Taking our children to the Durham Fair when they were young. We still enjoy going and look forward to taking our grandchildren.

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