23 Aug 2014
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Letter to the Editor: Make Up Your Own Mind About Power Ridge

Resident says the future of Middlefied depends on ski area's survival.

Letter to the Editor: Make Up Your Own Mind About Power Ridge


Please, all residents of Middlefield, don’t be taken in by the blatant politicizing of the Powder Ridge issue about which so many are making negative comments.  Attend meetings, get the facts and make up your own minds after that.  Do NOT depend on half the story or unsigned mailings. 

The negative comments made at the June 4 meeting were nothing short of atrocious and misleading. I object to the reference to the naysayers as “residents of Middlefield.” Yes, they are residents, but they don’t tell the whole story. They are also very active members of the Middlefield Democratic Party and most of them are members of the Democratic Town Committee.  These people do NOT represent all the residents of Middlefield.

I also wondered why, at this meeting, it was okay for Selectmen Burgess and Brayshaw to speak in response to questions or comments, but Selectman Bailey did not have the same right. I’m referring to the two articles I’ve read on the subject.

Again, I ask all Middlefield and Rockfall residents to attend public hearings on this vital subject and then make up your own mind. The future of our town depends on you knowing the facts and deciding how to help Powder Ridge survive. 


Barbara S. Rowe


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