23 Aug 2014
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One Year Anniversary for TriMountain CrossFit ! THANK YOU DURHAM!

One Year Anniversary for TriMountain CrossFit ! THANK YOU DURHAM!


TESTIMONIAL from a Member who has already changed her life by becoming part of TriMountain CrossFit! 

I am a 35 year old mom who has never thought of myself as an athlete. Never. Not once. I was the pudgy little girl in school who would literally cry and/or have panic attacks before gym class EVERY DAY because I knew I would be picked last and I knew there was a good chance I'd be laughed at for my lack of athletic prowess. I even remember being 9 years old and having the gym teacher say "what good are you?!" when I was the last student to finish the 1 mile PE test. CrossFit has shown me an inner athlete and an inner determination I didn't know I had in me. My only regret is that it took 35 years to find.

As a mom of two little girls, it was so incredible to be able to share what I love doing with them. And for them to say "wow Mommy! You are really strong!" and then to want to do the things I was doing. A little girl's first definition of beauty is defined by her mother. I am proud that my little girls definition will include strength, determination, courage, and hard work.

Thank you for leading a group of boxes that is family friendly so I can share it with my two favorite people. And thank you for leading a group of boxes that allows regular people....with regular families and jobs and responsibilities... to be inspired and do things they never thought they would be able to do (pull ups, rope climbs, oly lifts OH MY!). Not many people get to say they change lives every day but you do. That's pretty awesome. And I'm thankful to have Brian as my Coach. He has a unique gift in that he is able to see someone's potential before they can even dream it.

I'm already looking forward to my next comp...and so are my minis!!!

-Melanie T. (Trimountain CrossFit)

TriMountain CrossFit is one of four CrossFit gyms operated by Relentless Strength & Conditioning, offering intensive fitness training classes and events to customers in the Durham area. CrossFit training classes are 6 times daily on weekdays, and Olympic Lifting classes are offered on the weekend. Upcoming events can be viewed on the Relentless Strength & Conditioning website, and customers can register for classes by contacting TriMountain CrossFit by email.  trainermerle@att.net   


104 Commerce Cir, Durham, CT 06422

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