Jul 26, 2014

Teen Group Targets Underage Drinking, Risky Behaviors

Teen Group Targets Underage Drinking, Risky Behaviors
By Jane Moen

EDGE week will kick off at CRHS on Monday, May 20th and go all week long. 

EDGE week provided students with information and activities all aimed at preventing underage drinking, substance use and other risky behaviors such as distracted driving.

There will be daily announcements at CRHS on teenage alcohol statistics as well as programs detailed below each day.  EDGE week is developed and implemented by the EDGE club at CRHS.  EDGE stands for Educated Decisions Guiding Everyday and is sponsored by The Durham Middlefield Local Wellness Council,  Durham Middlefield Youth and Family and RSD #13 Schools. 

EDGE WEEK May 20th - May 24th 

May 20 – Chalk Walk at CRHS.  Edge Team members will trace their bodies on the sidewalks leading to the doors of CRHS.  Inside each body outline will be statistic about the dangers of substance use.Underage Drinking Billboard will be going up by the Time Out Tavern starting May 20th Strong EDGE students meet after school to collate and prepare materials for EDGE Week! 

May 21 – Seat Belt Check at CRHS. (Teens in the Driver Seat)  EDGE Team members will be at the entrance to the CRHS parking lot checking to see if students are wearing seat belts as they enter school grounds and providing those in compliance with “Smarties” candies.  Those not in compliance will receive written information about the necessity of seat belt use.

May 22 – DeCubellis Family Presentation for entire student body at CRHS to educate students on the dangers of distracted or impaired driving.  The DeCubellis Family lost their 14-year-old daughter in a drunk-driving accident.  This assembly is intended to educated students on the consequences of drunk driving with all parties involved.  After school both the CRHS and Strong EDGE teams will complete a massive effort to place blue & white ribbons on EVERY locker in the school symbolizing the need to be substance free.  These ribbons will greet all students as they arrive for school on Thursday  morning.

May 23 – Substance Free Pledge.  Students at CRHS sign a pledge banner indicating their commitment to be substance free for Prom and Graduation

May 24 – Substance Free Pledge.  Students at CRHS will wear blue & white to school and continue to sign a pledge banner indicating their commitment to be substance free for Prom and Graduation.  This event culminates EDGE WEEK.  This banner will be placed at Prom on Saturday evening and all students attending the prom will receive a water bottle with substance statistics advising them to be safe and make responsible decisions.

May 25 – Junior/Senior Prom.  All prom attendees will receive a water bottle from EDGE sponsored by the Local Wellness Council.  The water bottle will be imprinted with “Sober is the New Sensation” and be filled with information sheets on Alcohol Poisoning, Underage Drinking and Social Hosting Laws, Myths and Facts about Marijuana, and Advice from Teens on 10 Reasons NOT to get drunk.

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