22 Aug 2014
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Does East Haven Need a Human Resources Manager?

Former town councilman Dan McCann has taken to the Patch boards to argue it's time to hire a human resources manager for town employees. What's your take?

Does East Haven Need a Human Resources Manager?
Does the Town of East Haven need to hire a human resources manager? One resident and reader thinks so.

Dan McCann, a former town councilman and co-founder of the local Independent Party of East Haven, took to the  East Haven Patch boards to argue town hall  needs a human resources lead to help manage town employees. 

In his post, McCann said the recent New Haven Register report alleging Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr recently fired and then brought back Town Engineer Kevin Smith and Public Services Director Robert Parente demonstrates the town could benefit from a more professional approach to handling staff and employee related issues.

In the board post McCann writes: "As the Chief Elected Official once again Joe Maturo shows just how immature he is in handling employee matters and turns them into a 3 ring circus... now it’s the mechanical pump caper where Town Engineer Kevin White and Public Works Director Robert Parente were terminated, no, they were told to find another job, no, they were told they had 30 days left to find another job?  According to Maturo that never happened, however, now we’ve just learned they are at work. Whatever the case! Where there is smoke there is fire!"

The board post has already sparked a discussion, with readers taking different sides of the issue.

Richard Poulton commented: "While no one knows what "actually" happended that brought this to lite and the future status of individuals involved, one thing is clear and left out of Mr. McCann's piece. The positions of employment involved in this case are specified in the Charter as positions appointed by and they serve at the "pleasure" of the Mayor. Unless a re-write of the Charter is done, what Mr. McCann is saying, people in such positions can come and go. They are not civil service protected as in the case of a third party that may or may not be involved. A Human Resourse Officer would not help..."

And  Lise Cavallaro shared: "I am not familiar with the ins and outs of this, so I won't comment on any particulars. However, a Human Resources Manager does sound like it would alleviate confusion, etc..."

But, what's your take: Would it be beneficial for the town to hire a human resources manager? Should the Town Council explore the option? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or speak out on the boards.

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