23 Aug 2014
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Got Junque? Use Patch's Buy/Sell/Trade Boards to Sell It!

Shop your wares or snap up a great deal using Patch's free and virtual yard sale!

Got Junque? Use Patch's Buy/Sell/Trade Boards to Sell It!
"One man's trash is another man's treasure," aptly applies to some of the junk we have acquired over time. 

So why not use Patch's virtual tag sale function to make some money from these items located in your basement, garage or attic? 

It's easy! Just click here to bring you to your local Buy/Sell/Trade Boards. Fill out the information such as the title and description and add a photo, too.  Click "Post Now" and your item is up on the Patch site. 

Here are some helpful hints when posting an item for sale:  

1.  Give as detailed a description of your item as possible including things such as age, condition, and measurements.  Don't forget to include the price!
2.  A photo tells the real story so make sure you include a good, clear photo of your item in your posting. 
3.  You may have a buyer ready to plunk down the cash, but if they don't have a way to contact you, the sale is gone. Most folks include an email address or cell phone number or both. 
4.  Are you willing to deliver the baby grand piano or pool table to your buyer's house? Let them know. 

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