Jul 28, 2014

Only One More Komisarjevsky Juror Needed

Court awaits Supreme Court decision on the release of witness lists.

Only One More Komisarjevsky Juror Needed

Jury selection was postponed today for the Joshua Komisarjevsky trial because of a scheduling conflict for Judge Jon C. Blue.

Defense attorneys and prosecutors still have one backup alternate juror to choose. Previously they picked 12 regular jurors, six alternates and two backup alternates.

Jury selection is scheduled to resume on Tuesday.

The court is also waiting for the outcome of a defense appeal to the Connecticut Supreme Court to block the release of witness lists, which are being sought by the Hartford Courant.

The Courant argued that public access to court documents is essential to guarantee open trials. But the defense argued that releasing the witness lists would expose witnesses to threats and intimidation, and that would jeopardize Komisarjevsky’s right to a fair trial.

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