21 Aug 2014
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Ruocco: 'What Other Offices Will Joe Maturo Run for Next?'

Responding to speculation East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr will run for state representative this year, outgoing Democratic Town Committee Chairman Gene Ruocco questions the mayor's possible move to Hartford — while remaining mayor.

Ruocco: 'What Other Offices Will Joe Maturo Run for Next?'

The following is a press release from the East Haven Democratic Town Committee.

Earlier this week the East Haven Republican Town Committee announced they are looking for a candidate to run for State Representative for the 99th house district and that Mayor Joe Maturo may be their candidate. 

The East Haven Democratic Town Committee finds Mayor Maturo’s declared possible candidacy odd given he ran for re-election to the Office of Mayor just three short months ago.

“It is curious that Mayor Maturo would choose to run for yet another office in the Town of East Haven having just been elected Mayor three months ago,” DTC Chairman Gene Ruocco said. “Given the many problems the residents of East Haven face right now, I believe it is a major disservice to the voters who elected him Mayor and the residents he serves.”

Under Joe Maturo’s leadership, East Haven has been saddled in recent years with one scandal after another, including a US Department of Justice investigation into police misconduct that will cost the town close to $3 million dollars. 

“Joe Maturo likes to tout his record of fiscal management yet, under his administration, taxpayers have seen their car taxes go up, an increase in the town’s debt from the $2.5 million he borrowed, and a $300,000 cut to Workman’s Comp benefits,” stated Ruocco. “I certainly hope that’s not the platform of fiscal responsibility he plans to run on.

“Now he wants control over East Haven not only from Town Hall but in Hartford as well? That kind of power grab doesn’t make any sense,” said Ruocco. “When asked if he would resign as Mayor if he were to become a State Representative, Joe had the audacity to declare ‘it’s too soon to speculate.’ I don’t understand how a man who has been fighting to collect disability insurance suddenly has the stamina to serve in two elected positions. I wonder how residents would feel having him in both offices when the Town Charter clearly states the Office of Mayor is a full-time position.”

Ruocco added, “What other offices will Joe Maturo run for next? Dog Catcher?” Ruocco’s comments were a reference to an editorial board meeting last October when Joe Maturo declared he “couldn’t get elected dog catcher outside the Town of East Haven.”

The Town of East Haven is currently represented in the 99th house district by State Representative James Albis, who was elected in 2011 and re-elected by the town in 2012. Mr. Albis filed paperwork for his re-election last week.

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