Jul 29, 2014
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Free Full SAT and ACT test practices this summer

Free Full SAT and ACT test practices this summer
Above Grade Level is offering free SAT or ACT test practices, in Tolland, every Saturday mornings this summer, for free. (It is hot outside; what else can be as fun?)

The concept is to offer students a full-fledged 4 hour SAT, or ACT test, using the College Board SAT tests or the Barron's ACT tests. 

We will proctor each test and meet with the family to review the results, identify areas of strength and weakness, and offer relevant tutoring programs. 

Aside from identifying improvement areas, there are advantages for high school students to go through the 4 hour practice test: Learning what to bring to the SAT or the ACT, organizing themselves, managing their time, approaching the questions and nibbling down at the anxiety related to taking exams.

Please contact us to book your session by the Wednesday prior to the practice:

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