Jul 29, 2014
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Pancakes, Music, Community!

Pancakes, Music, Community!
Last night I was awake for hours planning my comments for the Ellington Friends of Music (EFOM) Pancake Breakfast Cabaret on Saturday morning (EHS Cafeteria from 8-11!).  I'm not allowed in the kitchen (for good reason), nor am I allowed to take money (for good reason), so my job is to MC the performances and keep things moving and "fill in" should we have a gap!
I don't expect many gaps as we have a full morning of volunteer performers from 4th grade through adults (including many Music Department faculty!), but just in case I need to have a plan ~
My busy brain was running through songs, comments, jokes (bad idea!) etc…
I realized that what I was missing was what I do best - getting a community of people to sing together!  This is what I do.  I love to sing "for" people for fun, but my work is to help people sing together ~ When people sing together, they create an instant community.  It's impossible to fight with someone when you are creating music together!
This led to at least an hour of lying in bed imagining what a cafeteria full of people would do if I came out among them and "invited" them to sing with me - to create a 5 minute choir!
I finally fell asleep around 4, so I have no idea what happened…. Come join us for pancakes and music and find out.

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