I know Enfield helps low income families with lunches, breakfasts and even kids who want to play sports but in no way can afford it. What I wan to know is if there is a program or something to help low income families who's child must attend summer school? There is no way this family can afford it and in all honesty, it isn't because the child is a wise ass or anything like that. It's because the school failed him. He was bullied all year. When his quiet and withdrawn demeanor started to become obvious at home and his parents were able to speak to him about it a PPT meeting was arranged and it was discovered that a teacher knew all about it. Several other children came forward and said the same thing, the teacher knew about it. This was prior to Christmas and by February, nothing had been done. Another PPT meeting and they blamed his lack of doing his schoolwork on his "attitude" even though he continued to be bullied. May another PPT meeting and they said the same thing and informed the parents that is he didn't pull it together real soon he would either have to do summer school or stay back. He has been so withdrawn he dreads going to school and they informed the parents summer school is imminent or he stays back. The parents have chosen to allow him to remain out of school the rest of the year since there aren't many days left and he's not going to pass anyway, why make his life even more miserable. I personally feel the school failed him miserably and they should pay his summer school fee's however it's not my place to get involved so I thought I would at least see if I could help in some way by finding out if there are any programs that help low income families pay or waive the cost of summer school. He has to take 2 classes and they can't even afford one. 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.    

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