21 Aug 2014
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Fairfield Metro: Bike Racks Are In [Updated]

Things to be aware if you have chosen to commute on the Metro North railroad via Fairfield Metro.

Fairfield Metro: Bike Racks Are In [Updated] Fairfield Metro: Bike Racks Are In [Updated] Fairfield Metro: Bike Racks Are In [Updated]

Update, 2:30 p.m.

Department of Transportation spokesperson Judd Everhart reported this afternoon that bike racks have been installed on the New York-bound side of the tracks. 16 units were installed.

Installation for the New Haven-bound side is still in progress, Everhart said.

Original Story, Dec. 6

Bikers Beware

Black Rock resident Bob Fredericks takes the train to Grand Central for his job as a reporter at the New York Post. Unless it's bad weather, Fredericks rides his bike to the station -- a 10 to 12 minute commute to the downtown Fairfield station; and half that time to .

"I was psyched for the new station to open because it's about a mile from my house and I wouldn't have to worry about the maniacs driving on the Post Road," Fredericks said. "I could walk in bad weather and the bike ride would be about five minutes."

But when he and his wife checked out the new station over the weekend, he found not a single bike rack in sight.

"They spend 42 million bucks and they couldn't spring for a couple bike racks? I thought we were all supposed to be green these days?" was Fredericks' initial reaction.

And that's what at least several commuters found (and maybe thought) on Monday, the station’s .

Fortunately for green commuters like Fredericks, the lack of bike racks is only temporary. Judd Everhart, director of communications for the State Department of Transportation (DOT), said the racks should be installed this week. There will be racks on both sides of the track.

However, a Fusco attendant who was at the station Monday said the bike racks would be set up in the spring. Fusco is the company managing the parking lot for the state. Patch will check up on Friday to see if they bike racks have been installed.

Free Parking, One Week Only

"A number of permits are being issued, but that is being processed through the mail," Everhart said. "So for this week, no charge to anyone."

Everhart added that transportation officials "want people to familiarize themselves with the lot and its layout," so they granted this week of oreintation.

When attendants to begin charging, day parking is $6 and $35 for the month, Everhart said.

Whole Foods to the (Caffeinated) Rescue

Early morning commuters who thought there would be no coffee at Fairfield Metro were likely surprised by the bright green food truck parked in the lot on Monday.

Whole Foods will be providing free coffee from 6:30 to 9:30 a.m. throughout December, according to the Fairfield market’s Facebook page. Hungry commuters can purchase breakfast sandwiches, orange juice, bottled water, and other treats -- the truck will offer different “Commuter Specials” on a regular basis.

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