22 Aug 2014
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Fairfield Parents Demand Answers about Changes in Math Program

The Board of Education is scheduled to hear a presentation on the issue at Tuesday's meeting, held at the Board of Education Conference Room (501 Kings Highway East, second floor) at 7:30 p.m.

Fairfield Parents Demand Answers about Changes in Math Program

A growing group of parents in Fairfield have turned to the Internet to voice concerns about a change in instructional method for Algebra I and II classes at the district's secondary schools.

The blog "Fairfield Math Advocates", created by "concerned parents within Fairfield advocating for students," is mobilizing residents who seek information about the district's implementation of a program called "College Preparatory Mathematics," or CPM.

The CPM model is based on several principles, including "literacy can be strengthened through meaningful/rigorous mathematical study" and "students learn more when they solve problems and discuss their thinking with others." Students work in groups to solve word problems, and each student is assigned a role in the solution process, according to CPM's principles.

Parents at the Nov. 27 Board of Education meeting described this method of instruction as "a complete disaster," some citing children who excelled at math last year and are suddenly struggling.

A major problem, according to residents who spoke during the meeting's public comment, was the lack of communication between the district, teachers, and parents preparing to implement the program. The school board is scheduled to hear a presentation and vote on the secondary school mathematics curriculum in April.

But the district has already begun rolling out the CPM methodology and textbooks in district-wide Algebra I and II classes, according to parents who spoke at the meeting. Most students do not have an individual textbook and are expected to use computers at home to access homework materials, Fairfield Math Advocates allege.

Board members, including Sue Brand, Perry Liu, and Jennifer Maxon Kennelly, asked that district officials present CPM and any changes that have begun to roll out to the school board at its upcoming Dec. 11 meeting.

"We are the last line," Brand said. "It is our job to make sure all students have resources. This didn't come before the board."

Kennelly said she did not want to wait until spring to have answers. "We cannot let this year be a lost cause."  

Liu added he was "extremely troubled" by what parents said during public comment and in emails he received prior to the meeting.

The agenda for Tuesday's meeting includes a presentation on the secondary math curriculum.

In addition to the presentation to the board, residents said they want the district to hold an open forum to better answer parents' questions.

Those questions are many -- and growing -- but chief among them are:

  • Why was CPM selected for the district, when nearby school systems like Westport, Bridgeport, and Wilton are using the Singapore Math program?
  • Why is our district using a textbook that was not approved by the Board of Education?
  • How does CPM help align Fairfield with the state's recently adopted Common Core State Standards Initiative?
  • What studies/research show how students using CPM fare on standardized tests, like SATs, ACTs, etc.
  • How much has the implementation of the methodology cost thus far, how much will it cost, and who approved the funding?

The Fairfield Math Advocates are requesting the board immediately stop the implementation of CPM and either have the administration develop a new math curriculum to align with the Common Core State Standards Initiative or that the district adopt Singapore Math as the new curriculum.

Learn more about the Fairfield Math Advocates' goals and the group's petition to stop CPM from being adopted by the Board of Education here.

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