Jul 29, 2014
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Letter: Kim Fawcett is 'Easy Choice' for State Rep.

Resident Doug Whiting writes in his support of 133rd District incumbent Kim Fawcett.

Letter: Kim Fawcett is 'Easy Choice' for State Rep. Letter: Kim Fawcett is 'Easy Choice' for State Rep.

To the editor:

In today's political climate, rare is the elected official whose independence from party pressures allows her to truly represent the interests of her district.

Fortunately, we in Fairfield have had such a person representing us in Hartford for the past six years -- . Kim has consistently fought against higher income taxes, sometimes angering her own leadership along the way. She worked with Democrats and Republicans to help craft a jobs bill that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs and aligns educational goals with job opportunities. Whether it's her work on the transportation needs of Fairfield residents or her efforts to bring results-based budgeting principles to new initiatives for children (she's vice chair of the Select Committee on Children), Kim has listened to us and become an effective voice for our concerns in Hartford.

Haven't we learned over the past 15 years or so that extreme views only serve to divide us when what we really need is more of the common sense kind of politics that Kim Fawcett has practiced on our behalf? Kim is an easy choice for state representative in November.
Doug Whiting

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