Jul 27, 2014

Letter: 'Please Vote for Chris DeSanctis'

Resident Jeffrey Melaragno asks fellow residents of the 133rd district to vote for the Republican candidate.

Letter: 'Please Vote for Chris DeSanctis'

Attendance in life matters -- whether it is a family function, a work meeting, or a state legislative committee meeting. Much has been said about Representative Kim Fawcett’s subpar attendance record at committee meetings. However, I believe it bears repeating that Ms. Fawcett only managed to attend about 53 percent of committee meetings during the 2011 and 2012 legislative sessions.  Ms. Fawcett’s response to the low attendance figures is that despite missing those meetings, she voted on 93 percent of bills while she has been an elected representative.

I liken this to a student only showing up for about half of school classes, but then bragging that this should not matter because he/she takes nearly all of the tests -- regardless of the outcomes on those tests.  he fact that Ms. Fawcett votes so frequently, yet may not be fully up to speed on what she is voting on should cause all voters to stop and think. Would you be able to skip nearly half of your classes, work meetings, or discussions with your family about important items, yet still make decisions that will have an impact on others?

It is time for a change in Hartford. Our current Democratic majority has led Connecticut even further away from an environment where sustained growth is possible and we simply cannot afford another two years of the same.  Connecticut’s local tax burden (state plus local taxes) is the third highest in all of the U.S. -- and over a full percentage point higher than even California.  Despite record increases on state taxes and fees, our budget deficit is even larger than it was last year. The fact is, Hartford cannot continue to increase taxes, fees, and spending and think that our state will become prosperous again.

Members of the 133rd district should open their minds to Chris DeSanctis.  Mr. DeSanctis understands that growth for all comes from cutting spending, reducing the tax burden, and reforming regulations. Doing so will make Connecticut much more attractive for individuals, families, and businesses alike. Time is of the essence to avoid even further financial difficulties. I ask that you please help get our state back on the right track by voting for Chris DeSanctis on November 6.

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