Jul 27, 2014

Letter: Voters in 133rd District Have 'Easy Choice This Year'

RTM member Ruth Smey, D-5, supports Democratic candidate Kim Fawcett to represent Connecticut's 133rd District in Hartford.

Letter: Voters in 133rd District Have 'Easy Choice This Year'

To the Editor:

Voters in Fairfield’s 133rd Legislative District have an incredibly easy choice this year: the radical, right-wing politics of Chris DeSanctis or Rep. Kim Fawcett’s moderate, bipartisan approach to fiscal responsibility, improving education and growing jobs. DeSanctis’s signing of the extreme Grover Norquist pledge is a red flag for voters who want to see legislators in both parties work together for the common good. Kim Fawcett is known for her bold, independent legislative approach as our voice in Hartford successfully advocating for our public schools and transportation needs.

Chris DeSanctis, wants to cut funding from the State for Special Education, in our public schools, to break the teachers union and have the State control  their pension plans and he does not support funding to improve our public transportation system that will ease the commuter problems we presently have in the State of Connecticut.

My vote is for Kim Fawcett on November 6.

Ruth Smey

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