23 Aug 2014
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BLOG ARCHIVE: Fairfield Metro Update

Selectmen will receive the latest report (from a special counsel) on the controversial project.

BLOG ARCHIVE: Fairfield Metro Update

It’s been one month since officials finally cut the ribbon on the widely anticipated and hotly debated Fairfield Metro Center—a $40.8 million project at last count.

An agenda item from a Board of Selectmen meeting scheduled to commence this afternoon reads:

Discussion and report of supplemental report of special counsel concerning Metro Center Contracts.

It isn’t clear just what’s expected from the supplemental report. We’ve already that former First Selectman overstepped his role regarding the contract. That same report drew a strong as well as , who resigned upon its release.

Starting at 4:30 p.m. today, when the selectmen meeting commences, Patch will host an interactive live blog in the designated space above this article. It will include real-time posts from the meeting (agenda attached as


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PDF) as well as a space for live discussion among you, Fairfield Patch users, with real-time posts from Patch reporters in attendance.

Since problems with the Fairfield Metro Center emerged, Fairfield Patch account-holders have posted hundreds of comments on stories tracking the project’s development.

What follows is a primer with links to some recent stories and highlighted quotes from readers (please send any questions about this evening’s live blog to michaeld+Fairfield@patch.com):

  • : The last thing we need is to loose parking at Ffd station. Flatto to appease the downtown merchants association had all the south side parking going to the merchants after metro center up and running. The downtown merchants association lobbied hard for no expansion at current station and pushed for metro center. I happen to know who the parties are and my payback is I will never do business with any of them
  • : It wasn't just merchants, Mosswood Condos vowed that they would fight a parking garage every step of the way. It's entirely possible that if a downtown garage was the plan that was followed that it would still be tied up in the courts, and there would have been lots of taxpayer money spent on legal fees and nothing to show for it. And the traffic would have been horrific on Mill Plain Road, Unquowa Road and Carter Henry Drive. It's bad enough already, commuters have little regard for other motorists when rushing to catch a train or leave at the end of the day.

  • : Overheard a gentleman saying that he had gone down to the station a few weeks ago and was talking with the construction crew. They told him the building is full of architectural touches that will make bulding maintenance a nightmare. They also said that one thing the new station does not have is . . . rest rooms. Can this be true?
  • : Here's what Mark Barnhart, director of community and economic development, said about restrooms/coffee shop: "Ultimately, the yet to be built concourse building will host a commuter waiting area and have public restrooms and other amenities for commuters. The Town has suggested to DOT Rail, which will own, operate and manage the new station and parking lot facility, that they make arrangements in the interim for a portable waiting area/restroom facility." I've asked the town's contact at the DOT to further confirm and elaborate; I will post that information as soon as I get it.

  • : Nice that we get bike racks while there are no seats!!!! I get on an early train in Southport and this week no seats. Thanks a lot Flatto Metro Center, my commuting life just got worse.
  • : steve it wont kill you to stand for awhile, it might even out the stress that is taking years off your life

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