19 Aug 2014
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‘That’s a Whole Lot of Arrows, Folks’

A look at some of the comments from Patch account holders in the region.

‘That’s a Whole Lot of Arrows, Folks’


Weston Selectmen OK Controlled Deer Hunt

“So, when are we having mouse/bird/chipmunk/squirrel and every other living creature hunt(s) that walk/fly the wooded areas since they ALL carry ticks? Seriously, we must rid the forests of every living, breathing warm blooded creature there is to eliminate the tick cycle. That's a whole lot of arrows, folks.” –

Hate is Getting Us Nowhere

“There isn't any more or less hate in the world than there has ever been, its just that its much easier to be exposed to it now because of TV, internet, etc.” -

Report: CT Sales Tax Not as High as Appears

“So, are we supposed to be happy about this?” –

“Fear not, the other taxes and cost of regulation far make up for a 6.35% sales tax.” –

Five Hamden Stores Charged With Selling Alcohol to Minors

“Shut them down...what better way to send the message that we are not going to stand for this?” –

Fairfield's Nurses to Get Raises, Agree to Concessions in New Contract

“Over two years without a raise. Oh the horror!” – 

“Nice comment Biff, you try going to a job for two years without a raise. I am not a town nurse but it sucks. These nurses can easily go to another town job OR a hospital and probably get their deserved raise or be paid more.” – 

“Public sector employees often take these jobs because of the benefits, not because of the salary. Many of these municipal jobs would pay far more for comparable work done in the private sector, without the benefits. So until these people make comparable private sector salaries, quit complaining about what they have that you don't. Many are tax payers in town too!” – 

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