Jul 29, 2014
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'Third World Countries Have Better Trains ...'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

'Third World Countries Have Better Trains ...'

FAIRFIELD: "I'd like to add 'leaking trains' to the list. I'm currently on one that is pouring water through the roof. Where ARE the new trains? Third world countries have better trains — and I get to pay $325/mo for this!" This is one reader's response to the CT Rail Commuter Council's list of

RIDGEFIELD: "Ms. Manners, perhaps we should get rid of public education in this town as well. Why should the town provide this service 'for free' when there are private schools competing? Get a clue." This is one reader's response to a debate among members of the Ridgefield Board of Selectmen over whether an would create unwanted competition for local businesses.

STAMFORD: "No one knows how they would react in this situation until they are in this situation. She needs support right now — only support." This is one reader's response to news that Madonna Badger, who lost her parents and three children in a fire on Christmas Day, .

WESTON-REDDING-EASTON: "Yes, we've had enough of the auctioning of Congress and America's future to the highest bidders, led by Goldman Sachs and the rest of Wall Street, more of whom advise Obama than any previous administration. We've had enough of our country being sold out to the super rich via a one-party system of corporate cash posing as a two-party system of indistinguishables fighting over tiny details. And yes, Jim Himes is one more of these politicians purchased by the 1%. For example, he repeatedly votes 'yes' for so-called 'free trade' policies that have enriched the corporate elite by exporting over 40,000 U.S. factories and many millions of middle-class jobs, now moved to the poorest countries without labor and environmental standards. I'd list more but Patch has its word limits ..." This is one reader's response to the ."

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