23 Aug 2014
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Knit & Pearls Summer Camp

Knit & Pearls Summer Camp Knit & Pearls Summer Camp

You've signed your kids up for camps this summer but what about you?? Now you can have your own summer fun at Knit & Pearls Summer Camp.

Knit & Pearls at 395 West Avon Rd, Avon CT is celebrating summer with their second annual 2014 Summer Camp.

How does it work? First of all, there is no travel involved.  This is a Virtual Camp!

What will I do at camp?  You will knit or crochet one to three projects depending on your commitment.  Knit & Pearls Summer Camp runs May 27th through the last day of August. Every month, Knit & Pearls will outline one knitting/crochet project "challenge". Don't be scared! The challenges are designed to help you test the waters just beyond your normal comfort zone. 

Why do I want to take the challenge? Prizes of course!! Every month, Knit & Pearls will put the names of those who have successfully finished their projects into a hat and pick out four names. Your name will be added for every 100 yards you knit/crochet with.  Those lucky winners will receive wonderful prizes for participating in the challenge. You will have one, or more, beautiful finished projects at the end. Camp is a great way to start your holiday knitting or just treat yourself to something special.

And there's more!! Choose to participate and complete all three challenges and you are entered in to win one of our grand prizes!

What does camp cost? The camp is FREE! We do ask that the yarn is purchased from Knit & Pearls during the period selected for each challenge. And to say "thank you", you will receive double the customer appreciation points for camp purchases those weeks (does not apply to sale yarns!)

The next step... Call us to register and get all the details at (860) 404-0694 or just stop by.  What could be better...camp without bugs, sunblock, blisters and lumpy mattresses.  You will knit a bit, meet new friends, learn a little and have fun along the way! You can find Knit & Pearls at 395 West Avon Rd. in Avon CT and on the web at  www.knitandpearls.com  

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