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Letter: Bill Wadsworth the Voice of Farmington

Current state representative has demonstrated fiscal conservatism, bipartisan work on behalf of Farmington.

Letter: Bill Wadsworth the Voice of Farmington

As our nation and state recovers from years of difficult economic times, I believe that we all recognize the importance of choosing our next elected officials with the utmost thoroughness and caution.

On Tuesday, November 6, 2012, Farmington residents will have the opportunity to re-elect State Representative Bill Wadsworth. Bill has demonstrated his fiscal conservatism throughout his tenure as State Representative to include voting against a tax-and-spend budget which led to the highest tax increase in state history, crossing party lines when it was in the best interest of his constituents and the state, and promoting economic development and job growth.

Over the past few weeks, my home has received negative attack mailers from Bill’s opponent, Mike Demicco. One attacks Bill by stating that “We can’t improve our economy by putting partisan politics ahead of Farmington.” This mailer makes several references to PA 12-1, AN ACT IMPLEMENTING PROVISIONS OF THE STATE BUDGET. Mr. Demicco chose three specific items in the almost 500 page document in an attempt to mislead Farmington voters into believing Bill was against Farmington. Bill did not vote against those individual programs rather he voted against a budget that led to the highest tax increase in the state’s history, because Bill knew this budget, as a whole, was bad for ALL residents of Connecticut.

In a separate mailer, Mr. Demicco claims he would be “A Stronger Voice for Farmington . . . [by] investing in businesses like Jackson Labs to create economic growth and quality jobs for our future generations.” Bill Wadsworth’s worked with Democrats across the aisle to ensure the Jackson Lab project came to fruition for the sake of future economic growth in Farmington. This took courage! Bill continues to promote economic development in the areas around where the new Jackson Lab is to be built in order to ensure economic prosperity for many years to come. This is what Bill Wadsworth does for Farmington and his opponent wants to copy it. Obviously, Bill is Farmington’s Strongest VOICE!

Bill supported Public Act 111, a bipartisan jobs bill that has created new or modified existing programs aimed at assisting Connecticut businesses, revitalizing the state’s economy, and creating jobs. For Bill’s efforts, the Connecticut Business & Industry Association has given him the grade of 100% when it comes to voting for legislation they consider must important to Connecticut’s businesses. Further, CBIA has endorsed Bill for re-election.

Cheap mailers that attempt to misrepresent Bill’s record in order to mislead the voters of Farmington are shameful. Mr. Demicco should cease any further unethical attempts at smearing his opponent with these distorted pieces and focus on what he will do for Farmington’s residents in Hartford.

Bill always stands for what he believes is right and makes sound judgments that are in the best interests of the people he serves. Bill Wadsworth has earned our support and he is needed in Hartford as THE VOICE FOR FARMINGTON! Join me on November 6th and VOTE FOR BILL!

William J. Baker


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