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Letter: Discoveries During Brother's Battle With Cancer

With the hope that others may benefit from his battle with cancer.

Letter: Discoveries During Brother's Battle With Cancer

In memory of my Brother Paul E. Miller II

November 20, 1952 — December 4, 2010


When my Brother told me he had cancer and the doctors gave him 2 months to live I was shocked. It was difficult for me to listen to him explain the circumstances of this disease. Knowing that in a short time he would be gone. And I was thinking how sad and hurt he must of been feeling knowing that he only had a few weeks to live. Tremendously he held himself together and shed not a tear.

Looking back now, I think he wanted to be strong for me and his family. At that moment I knew I had to do something to help him fight this cancer. So I went to the library and spent many hours researching on the internet and in books. This is what I discovered.

The books located at the Canton Library...  

  • The anticancer diet a new way of life by David Servan Schreiber, MD, PhD.  
  • The cancer-fighting kitchen by Rebecca Katz and with Mat Edelson

The books located at the Meriden Library...

  • Flax oil as a true aid against arthritis, heart infarction, cancer and other disease by Dr. Joanna Budwig
  • The oil, protein diet cook book by Dr. Joanna Budwig


Foods you should avoid eating are soda, diet soda, sugar and white flour. My Brother did not die in 2 months, he lived almost 7 years after he was first diagnosed with the cancer. I am thankful for each and every day that God helped me to keep my Brother alive with us.

I hope this helps others in their battle.

Dana Miller

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