Jul 26, 2014
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Photographer Catches Bald Eagle Above Farmington River

America’s National Bird in Collinsville.

Photographer Catches Bald Eagle Above Farmington River

Collinsville businessman Steve Roberto, also an avid photographer, recently caught this Bald Eagle in flight. 

Jay Kaplan, director at Roaring Brook Nature Center, shares the following information: 

Bald Eagles can be found in Collinsville at any season since their resurgence here in the state. In the warmer months, there has been a breeding pair on the Burlington side of the MDC property around Nepaug Reservoir. Last year, the nest failed. However, on occasion these birds can be seen hunting the Farmington River in Collinsville. They are often seen on the lone dead pine tree across the River just north of the intersection of Maple Avenue and Route 179. There were once two dead pines but one fell down in the past few years and the other may follow. 

In winter the Eagles are looking for open water for hunting. The Farmington River below the Collinsville dam provides one such one spot. Fish make up the bulk of an eagle’s diet, although they will take what is available, including waterfowl, mammals and even carrion. The Eagles that winter on the Farmington may spend the remainder of the year here in state, but they are more likely Eagles that nest in northern New England or Canada and overwinter here. 

Collinsville will also attract Eagles in spring and fall, but these are generally migrants on their way to or from breeding grounds further to the north.

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