Jul 30, 2014

The Love Story Behind Patch's Winning Valentine Photo

'I guess the rest is history because we are now happily married with two beautiful children!!'

The Love Story Behind Patch's Winning Valentine Photo


Patch received more than 1,300 photos in its Valentine's Day contest, and even though the winner was randomly drawn, we followed up with Michaela Fissel to get the story behind this great picture.

Michaela and her husband Alvin J. Fryxell III won an overnight and dinner for two at Mohegan Sun Casino (worth more than $800), a prize that you see below had great meaning for them.

Here is Michaela's story:

The photo was taken at our wedding, which took place on October 6, 2012 at Wrights Mill Farm in Canterbury, Connecticut.  It was such a fabulous day, and I couldn't even begin to describe how perfect everything went!

The individuals in the picture are my husband, Alvin J. Fryxell III (the younger gentleman to the right), along with the Justice of the Peace, Charles Thurlow (the grey haired man with his hand on my shoulder), and myself, Michaela I. Fissel.

I am so happy that this photo was chosen. My husband and I agree that this moment was just after we realized that I had included "Alvin John Fryxell, the Fourth", in our vows that I had given to our J.P.!  The Fourth is our 18 month old son, so I got pretty flustered as I realized my silly mistake.

I immediately blurted out, "there are just too many of them,"  referring to the fact that there is Alvin's father, Alvin Jr., my Alvin, who is the III, and our son, who is the IV, who were all in attendance that day.  

My husband, of course, thought it was hilarious and began laughing hysterically, as the JP reassured me that it was all right. Of course I was embarrassed a bit, but it was a very memorable moment!  We still get endearingly teased about this from our dearest friends and family.

A little about our "love story," in the spirit of Valentine's Dday: Alvin and I knew each other when we were younger, and used to hang out together with mutual friends. After I graduated high school we lost contact, and struggled quite a bit to find ourselves between our undergraduate years.  

Thankfully, once we were on our feet and had regained our sense of purpose in this world, we found each other again :)  I guess the rest is history because we are now happily married with two beautiful children!!

Oh, and we couldn't go on a "real" honeymoon, so we decided to just head down to the casino for two nights after the wedding since we needed to get back to work on Tuesday.  Either way, when we saw the price of a room at Mohegan we couldn't bring ourselves to spend that much money, since we do have children.  This is so perfect because we get to have our night at Mohegan!

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