Jul 26, 2014
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Have Fun with Your Dog

Have Fun with Your Dog
Want to have a well behaved dog and have fun while working on it?  Join a class at Secret Lake Dog Training, LLC in West Simsbury! 

Upcoming classes include Come When Called, Match that Scent, Taking it to the Streets and more!   Also have core classes such as Kindergarten and Elementary School. 

Puppies love Kindergarten class and like meeting other puppies during the supervised play time!  Don't wait to get your puppy into training - puppies love to learn!  

Positive methods used.  Equipment used:   regular collar, no pull harness, or head halter and 6 foot leash.  Prong collars and training collars (chain choke collars) not used or needed! 

Learn how to reward the behaviors you like and extinguish the behaviors you don't like all in a fun and positive manner!  In my classes, dogs enjoy learning new behaviors.


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