23 Aug 2014
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Greenwich PD To Hold Gun Collection Day [UPDATE]

Greenwich Police will collect guns and other weapons on Feb. 9.

Greenwich PD To Hold Gun Collection Day [UPDATE]


Updated 2 p.m., Jan. 28:

Greenwich Police spokesman Lt. Kraig Gray said that while the firearm turn-in is a one-day event, residents can turn in weapons at any time.

He said that for residents who are apprehensive in transporting weapons to police headquarters, officers can come to their homes to gather them.

He also said, "Enforcement is not our goal. We are looking to get weapons off the street from people who no longer want them. Someone may have bought a gun years ago and now feel uncomfortable with it or they may have something that Grandpa brought him from the war or someone moved into a house and found a gun hidden in the floor boards."

"It's an opportunity for people who do have guns and want to get rid of them, to do so," Gray added.

All of the weapons will be destroyed.

Original story:

Greenwich Police want your guns, ammo and other unwanted weapons.

A 'firearm turn in' day will be held by the GPD on Feb. 9 at the Greenwich Police Headquarters, 11 Bruce Pl. The turn-in will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The weapons police will accept include:

  • All Rifles/Shotguns
  • All Handguns
  • All Assault Weapons
  • Non-Operational Weapons
  • Ammunition, Carrying Cases and Holsters
  • BB/Pellet Guns, other dangerous weapons (i.e. swords, knives etc.)

Police also say all firearms must be unloaded and should be transported unloaded in the vehicle’s trunk. If not in a vehicle, owners should carry the item unloaded in a box or bag. Ammunition should be in a container separate from any firearm.

There will not be any compensation paid for surrendered weapons. All the collected weapons will be destroyed.

For more information, call Det. Anthony Fiscella at 203-622-8021

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