To the Editor:

How frequently do voters make a choice simply to make a change? We Greenwich citizens are inordinately lucky, because Livvy Floren is the obvious choice for reelection, not because her opponent is not qualified but because she has done a consistently outstanding job.  We do not need a change!

Livvy is on top of every issue, attending all sessions and doing her homework.  She communicates often with her constituents. Her language is clear and concise. Voice a concern to Livvy and she replies instantly with a knowledgeable response. Your question is never ignored or considered trivial.

Respect and personal popularity such as that which Livvy has earned is always with reason. We are indeed lucky to have such a responsible and admirable representative in Hartford. We must not take her win for granted. Vote for Livvy Floren on November 6!

Lloyd N. Hull, a loyal Livvy supporter


Lloyd N. Hull
Greenwich, CT 06831

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