23 Aug 2014
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Readers' Choice: Greenwich Preschools

Tell us why the preschool you choose is the best—through a poll vote, rating and review—and help Greenwich Patch crown a winner in this week's "Readers' Choice" installment.

Readers' Choice: Greenwich Preschools

It's one of the early formal choices that parents make that involves education and separation from a child for regular, extended periods of time: Preschool.

This is our second week of the Readers' Choice contest, and it's a wholly different category from last week's We understand that practical considerations of availability, money and location figure largely into decisions about which preschool parents choose for their children.

Since so much careful research—in person, online and through word of mouth—goes into the preschool decision, we want to poll our Norwalk Patch parents not just on what they feel is the best preschool for their child, but also why.

Below is a list of preschools we have registered in our continuously updated Greenwich Patch Places directory. Click on any of them to get to a page dedicated to that preschool and to rate and review it.

Please also which preschools are missing from the list and why they're the best—we'll add them to the poll and create a new Patch Places listing for them. If you're a preschool operator who doesn't see your listing on Greenwich Patch, email michaeld@patch.com or if you want to .

Here's our starter list:

    Voting in the poll below is open until 9 a.m. Friday. We will announce the winner at 12 p.m. Friday.

    [Editor's Note: This article has been updated with information on Christ Church Nursery School.]

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