Jul 28, 2014
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Child & Family Agency Hosts Safe Kids New London County Coalition Breakfast

Child & Family Agency Hosts Safe Kids New London County Coalition Breakfast

Child and Family Agency of South Eastern Connecticut Hosts

Safe Kids New London County Coalition Breakfast

Safe Kids New London County, a program of Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut, will be hosting a coalition breakfast on Thursday, March 6 at 9 AM at the BP Learned Mission, 40 Shaw Street in New London.  At this breakfast, the staff involved with the transition of Safe Kids New London County from L+M Hospital to Child and Family Agency will be introduced and a discussion will include all of the safety programs that will be offered to the community as well as the car seat safety program.  Input from coalition members will be welcome for Child and Family Agency is looking to partner with other organizations in the community, particularly those who had been involved in the past with Safe Kids New London County.    

The Mission of SAFE KIDS New London County is to protect children ages 14 and under from motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian injuries, bicycle collisions, drowning, fire and scald burns, poisoning, choking, and firearm accidents through a multifaceted approach of increasing public awareness, providing education and advocating for environmental and public policy changes. SAFE KIDS New London County is now operated by Child and Family Agency and is working to build a broad based group of community leaders whose goals are to increase public awareness of unintentional injuries to children, implement safety programs in the community, evaluate safety programs, participate in public policy initiatives, and obtain local media coverage and recruit new members and collaborative partners. 

For more information and to rsvp to the breakfast, please contact Joshua Posey at 860-442-1798 or safekids@childandfamilyagency.org 

About Child and Family Agency of Southeastern Connecticut: Child & Family’s mission is to promote the well-being and development of all children and their families, focusing in particular on the unmet needs of children lacking physical, emotional and intellectual care and nurturing. Programs deal with child abuse prevention, the treatment of family violence, teen pregnancy, children’s health care, childcare, parent education and children’s mental health. Last year families were served in 67 towns in New Haven, Middlesex and New London Counties, the Child & Family Agency service region. Visit our website to learn more, volunteer, or donate: www.childandfamilyagency.org

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