Jul 28, 2014
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Guilford Property Transactions

Here is a peek at the most recent real estate sales filed in the town clerk's office.

Guilford Property Transactions


The following information was provided by the 

  • Maureen Walsh to Kevin Walsh, on June 28, 350 Squaw Lane, $0.
  • Mark F. and Deidre Albino to Harry and Nicole Tsoukanelis, on August 16, 107 Wilderwood Drive, $0.
  • Tracy Mattando, Tr. of Jayne E. Hill, Tr. and The John T. Hill Family Trust to Jayne E. Hill, Tr. and Tracey Mattando, Tr. under Article V Share B, of the John T. Hill Family Trust, on August 16, 73 Kendal Court, $0.
  • David R. and Jennifer S. Trombly to Linda S. Anderson, August 17, 948 Moose Hill Road, $392,000.
  • Judith Peterson Fisher, Trustee of the Judith Peterson Living Trust to William H. Cuddy ad Vivien K. Blackford, March 12, 204 Dromara Road, $0.
  • John H. and Elizabeth A.L. Leamon to Ian Quinn, August 15, 251 Nortontown Road, $331,250.
  • Kathleen Finan, Executrix for the Estate of Barbara Patulo to Kathleen A. and Francis J. Culligan, Jr., August 15, 274 Church Street, Unit 22, $145,000.
  • Dolores J. Quinlivan to Marge Q. Sharmin and James P. Quinlivan, July 30, 53 Bonnie Briar Lane, $0.
  • Deats Family Partnership, L.L.L.P. to Michael S. Teitelbaum, August 14, Ruth Lane and Marshall Avenue, $31,000.
  • Sunset Creek Development to The Town of Guilford, July 18, Sunset Ridge Drive, $0.
  • The Joint Revocable Trust Created by Agreement between Samuel A. Downs, Jr. and Lila R. Downs to Wendy A. Downs, August 14, 125 Lake Drive, $0.
  • Keith Russo Construction Inc. to Suguru Imaeda, August 10, 237 Landons Way, $0.
  • Jeannie W.P. Robinson to Frederick Austin Robinson, Trustee of the Jennie Prosser Robinson Family Trust, August 10, 29 Neck Road, $0.
  • Thomas Moleski to Sharon Besser Moleski, May 3, 38 Streamview Circle, $0.

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