Jul 30, 2014
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DeLauro takes credit—credit not due

Rosa DeLauro once again tries to take credit where credit is not due—by showing up to celebrate a company’s accomplishments as a way to get free re-election campaign advertising.  

DeLauro: “If we want to create good paying jobs, this is where the investment ought to be.” These are words spoken by a Representative who has supported some of the most anti-business policies in Washington. And anti-business means anti-jobs. DeLauro’s role model is Connecticut’s one-party Machine.

So how’s that working out, voters? CT has one of the worst state economies—because it has one of the worst business climates in the country: http://www5.cbia.com/cbianews/article/how-can-connecticut-boost-its-business-climate-rankings/

But just keep voting for self-serving, crony careerists like DeLauro and, who knows? Maybe we can make it to the very bottom of the list!

“Precision Combustion has shown a knack for getting the federal grants.” And Rosa DeLauro has shown a knack for trying to get the credit for such grants.

Let’s see: how do you spell “phony”? D, E, L, A, U, R, O…


If you believe in returning our govt to the People—

rather than allowing it to be run by self-serving multimillionaires like DeLauro—

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