Jul 30, 2014
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DeLauro’s redundant bill is publicity stunt

Yesterday Rosa DeLauro proposed another useless, redundant bill as a publicity stunt:  the “Rail Safety Enforcement Act”.

CT State Transportation Commissioner James Redeker stated that the changes proposed in this bill ALREADY are underway, with a focus on safety, due to recent accidents on the Metro-North commuter rail system. So this bill proposal essentially is nothing but a re-election publicity stunt—i.e.  free campaign advertising.

DeLauro said her bill “would ensure progress in a very crucial area”—i.e. getting re-elected, despite already serving 24 years in the House and accomplishing virtually nothing.

DeLauro: “This is something we have to get right.”—i.e. getting re-elected for yet ANOTHER term—despite the fact that not a SINGLE bill DeLauro has introduced in the past 24 years has been passed—regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans held the majority in the House of Representatives.

DeLauro: “Each rail carrier must develop a fatigue risk plan within 60 days.”

I have a better idea: let’s develop a “DeLauro fatigue risk plan”—

and finally replace her with someone who actually represent the people, rather than re-elect DeLauro who has turned her public office into a massive cash cow, allowing her personal worth to balloon to an obscene $26 Million. http://www.nhregister.com/general-news/20140506/connecticut-reps-delauro-himes-esty-unveil-rail-safety-bill



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