Jul 26, 2014
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Birth Announcements: Nov. 28 to Dec. 2

Birth announcements from Lawrence + Memorial Hospital

Birth Announcements: Nov. 28 to Dec. 2


11/28/12 Derek L. Christena and Hanna (Abel) Christena, son, Groton.

11/28/12 Archie L. Niblack Jr. and Jetzayra Escalera, son, New London.

11/29/12 Paul W. Wysoczynski and Amanda Baribeault, son, New London.

11/29/12 Jonathan Olivencia and Dayanira Benitez, daughter, New London.

11/29/12 Junel Dulcice and Sofonie Dulcice, daughter, New London.

11/29/12 Matthew T. J. Petro and Zenaida Huacho, daughter, New London.

11/29/12 Stanley A. Ruthiewicz Jr. and Melissa Kingston, daughter, Mystic.

11/29/12 Zachary D. Collins and Mary Nadeau, son, Mystic.

11/29/12 Roberto M. Pinto and Katherine (Stormont) Pinto, son, Stonington.

12/1/12 Reanetta Fluker, daughter, Groton.

12/2/12 Corey D. Luna and Robin Claire (Velasco) Luna, daughter, Groton.

12/2/12 Cameron D. Strickland and Regina (Delgado) Strickland, son, Groton.

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