23 Aug 2014
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Bullet Found in Ledyard Center School Ignites Rumors

Ledyard police find “no credible threat” to school but speculation fans rumors.

Bullet Found in Ledyard Center School Ignites Rumors


Police continue investigating how a .9 mm caliber bullet found on the classroom floor at Ledyard Center School got there while school administrators are left trying to allay fearful rumors and speculation about the incident during a time of heightened anxiety over school security.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Graner said a student found a bullet on the classroom floor Tuesday, which was turned over to a teacher, then to the principal Dr. Susan Nash Dietzel, and then to the Ledyard Police Tuesday.

“After removing the children from the classroom, school administration, in conjunction with the police department, conducted a thorough search of the classroom and its contents; nothing was found to suggest that there was any threat to the school,” wrote Graner in a letter to LCS parents Thursday.

According to Graner, each student was interviewed and parents were also called that day. He said everyone has been very cooperative and supportive and “even the kids were trying to help us find out where it came from.”

Ledyard Police were notified immediately and found “no credible threat to the children and the school” according to Graner, and at first, “I chose not to share information with all the parents about a matter deemed by the police to be non-threatening.”

Meanwhile, rumors have spread like wildfire and speculation has fueled parents’ anxiety and Graner posted a letter to the school’s website addressing all parents at the school on Thursday.

"Knowing the truth is better than speculating," he said.

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