Jul 26, 2014

Solar-Cooked S'mores!

How can a summer go by without them? It's a great thing to do with the kids today before the summer's all done.

Solar-Cooked S'mores!

OK,  if it isn't raining, then the heat is blazing and the kids are whiney and they know we are going camping soon and all they're talking about is making s'mores.

It is too hot for me to go collect firewood from the forest behind our house and light the fire pit, find sticks, roast marshmallows and make a sticky mess. Doing them in the microwave is a possibility, but not nearly as much fun as doing it outdoors.

Here's a short cut that will keep the kids busy all day.

Start with a pizza box and line the inside with foil, all of it, including the cover. Now place your graham crackers on the foil, then add youf chocolate bars. Top that off with a marshmallow and another graham cracker.

Close the box, and place it in the blazing hot sun.

Have the kids check it every half hour or so. If you this around 11 a.m. on one of these very hot days (80 degrees or so), the s'mores should be done for after lunch.

Check them to see if the chocolate and marshmallow have melted. If they get too soft, they will run all over but as long as they are keeping their shape but soft, they are fine to take out. The only mess you will have to deal with is sticky fingers and that is great for the hose to clean off.

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